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Is the Daily Newspaper Passe?

My husband and I can’t bring ourselves to cancel the two daily newspapers we’ve subscribed to our entire married life, but I wonder if we’re just delaying the inevitable.


Newspapers B&W (4)

Newspapers B&W (4) (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)


As our reading habits continue to evolve, I suspect the day will come when we suck it up and kick the printed newspaper habit out the door.

It startles me to even think this way, but let’s be honest.

Who has time to linger over the daily paper anymore? With our rushed morning schedules, we barely manage to pick it up from the driveway and toss it in the house.

This is not to say that we are news non-consumers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

We just consume differently these days.

While getting dressed, we get the headlines (and much valued weather forecast) from Good Morning America. I can leave for work not only dressed appropriately, but with full confidence that the world has not ended and celebrities are still misbehaving.

Stuck in traffic on the way to work, I check my Twitter feed and scour the posts on Facebook. I might have a minute to look at a few photos on Instagram.

My radio dial is tuned to either Howard Stern or NPR, depending on the subject matter (both informative sources in my world, although not necessarily yours).

At work I receive CNN alerts throughout the day with significant breaking news. If time permits, I may go to the New York Times app on my iPad and do a quick scan of the opinion pages. Over lunch I try to read a few posts from bloggers whom I enjoy following.

Chances are someone will email me a link to a news item of interest. If I have time, I’ll read it then and there; if not, I’ll bookmark it for later.

By the time we get home and grab some dinner, it’s likely that the forlorn daily paper will join its unread companions stacked in a corner of our bedroom. It’s hard to let an old habit go. We tell ourselves that we’ll get to them eventually.

Except that there is a Google+ hangout I want to attend. And that novel on my bed stand is waiting to be finished.  When my eyes are too bleary to focus on the screen or the page, there’s always CNN News or The Daily Show before calling it a night.

However, nothing can take the place of our leisurely Sunday morning ritual: newspapers served with bagels and a bottomless pot of coffee.

Delicious Omega-3s

Delicious Omega-3s (Photo credit: lynn.gardner)

I don’t see that changing anytime soon.




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Words Escape Me

Holiday season is upon us. Ah yes, the family get togethers, the office parties, the presents. Lots of merriment, twinkling lights and auld lang syne. And of course, the festive meals.

Thanksgiving, holiday, turkey, sweet potatoes, jello, stuffing, plate, dinner

our Thanksgiving dinner

Lest it go unnoticed in the hubbub, however, may I point out that the 2012 “Word of the Year” has been announced?

The Oxford English Dictionary has named omnishambles, meaning a “situation which is shambolic from every possible angle,” the winner this year.

According to BBC News, the shortlist also included Eurogeddon, “the threatened financial collapse in the eurozone,” and mummy porn, a “genre inspired by the 50 Shades books.

I eat this stuff up like handfuls of popcorn at the movies.

And so, as is tradition in this blog (well, OK, this is the second year) I offer you the official holiday edition of:

Books is Wonderful 2012 Words of the Year

BindersFullofWomen’sRecipes: a collection of yellowed scraps of paper including Aunt Rose’s foolproof mashed potatoes

CrispChristie: the New Jersey governor tartly deflecting a Twinkie defense

Fatulence: embarrassing stomach sounds as one’s pants get tighter

HomecookedLand: Carrie takes a day off to uncover the secrets of her kitchen

MiddleYeastConflict: a tense situation sparked by differing opinions on how to bake bread

NobelPeacePie: making the same dessert year after year to avoid arguments

SevenNaturalWonderBread: a miracle that this miasma of chemicals was considered food

Stuffington Post: endless topics of conversation due to the inability to leave the table

The Food Hangover: Misadventures of three zany guys who OD’ed on the desserts

WarrenBuffet: a wealth of culinary riches on the holiday table

related: SageLeavesofOmaha

Wolf Blintz-er: CNN reporting live from the delicatessen

WontonAbbey: Lady Mary ordering takeout on Cook’s night off

… and when planning your holiday parties, don’t forget to invite these celebrities: Paris Stilton, Susan SaranWrap, Beans Affleck, Robert Poulet, CranJerry Seinfeld, Salad Field, Potatum O’Neal, Cake Gyllenhaal, BrusselSproutCrowe, and Carrots Fisher!

You can read Books is Wonderful’s 2011 Words here.

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