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Book Buzz: Need to Know

Book Buzz: Need to Know

Yowza! In the new release Need to Know, A CIA analyst discovers a shocking secret in her quest to uncover Russian operatives in the US.

I mean, really shocking!

Book Buzz: Need to Know

The author of Need to Know, Karen Cleveland, was a CIA analyst in real life. Having that information made this story all the more credible … and scary as hell.

As a member of a team looking for Russian sleeper agents, Vivian Miller is also a young mom with four kids, one of whom has serious medical issues, struggling to balance home life with the demands at work.

She is lucky to have a devoted husband and father to her children whose work schedule has more flexibility and can usually pick up the kids if need be. He is supportive when she raises doubts about her ability to balance both work and home, reassuring her that the kids are fine and her career is important. She also has parents who can come for a visit and pitch in to help.

So, one day, in the course of her normal routine at work, she gets access to a Russian handler’s computer and makes a discovery that rocks her world (and I’m not going to tell you what that is — I don’t want to be a spoiler!). Instantly, all her assumptions are thrown into the wind, and a quest for the truth sets her on a path to save herself and her family.

This is fast paced, page turning thriller named an Amazon Best Book of January 2018, a novel that has already been widely acclaimed as one that simply can not be put down until finished (and has been compared to the TV show, The Americans).The tension builds throughout the story and there are unexpected twists and turns that jumped out and surprised me.

Author John Grisham wrote of Need to Know, “Perhaps there will be two or three readers out there who manage to finish the first chapter of this terrific debut and put it down for more than an hour. But they’ll be back. And they’ll devour it like the rest of us, skipping lunch, losing sleep, turning pages until the end, where we’re all left waiting for more.”

Yes, I did finish the book during the Eagles/Vikings game last night. No, I could not put it down despite the fact that my husband sitting next to me was yelling throughout the game.

Given the Russian interference in our recent election, the story really hit home and is a chilling reminder that those whom we think we know best — our friends, neighbors, co-workers and even family members — may not be exactly who we think they are.

And the ending … well, it was pretty damn amazing. If there isn’t a sequel to Need to Know there will be a lot of disappointed readers out there.


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I received a copy of Need to Know from Penguin Random House for an honest review,
which is the only kind of review I write.

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