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The X-Files: Cold Cases

The X-Files: Cold Cases

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An undercurrent of eerie, robot-like intonations emanates from a group of hooded, robed cultists. The creepy sound gets louder and more ominous. The tension in the air suddenly explodes with a gunshot blast. I gasp in horror. A doctor was shot leaving her office late at night and no one is there to help her.

Shocked, I turn up the volume in my car. I am listening to an episode of the original audio drama The X-Files: Cold Cases released this month by Audible.

The X-Files: Cold Cases

The X-Files was new to me.

True confession: I had never watched this show. I know, my bad. I had no idea who Mulder and Scully were and what they did and why they retired from their super secret jobs. That said, I don’t think I was at a disadvantage listening to these audio episodes for the first time. They were easy to follow and I became totally absorbed in the drama unfolding in the confines of my car as I traveled on the New Jersey Turnpike. Needless to say, traveling on the New Jersey Turnpike is not fun, but The X-Files made the trip go by fast.

The Audible audio drama, taking place after the last movie but before the new TV show, features narration by the actors who starred in the series: Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning Gillian Anderson, playing Scully, and Golden Globe award-winning David Duchovny, as Mulder, plus several other characters such as Walter Skinner, The Lone Gunmen and the Cigarette Smoking Man that fans will know.

The X-Files: Cold Cases

What pulls the dynamic duo Fox Mulder and Dana Scully back into the fray? There’s been a database breach at FBI headquarters, and an unknown enemy is accessing information about cold cases that had never been solved from the secret department once known as The X-Files. Curiously, friends and foes from the old days of the agency begin to materialize. With attacks on their department boding ill for the security of the US government, former FBI agents Mulder and Scully reappear to tackle a conspiracy designed to wreak havoc on the country.

It was easy to pick up on the chemistry of the two characters. Between Duchovny’s droll sense of humor and Anderson’s let’s-get-this-done practicality, they make a great team. Each of the four episodes in this audiobook could easily stand alone, but listening to the broadcast in its entirety gives more depth to their background, relationship, and the forces of evil that they are fighting together. The production quality and the sound effects are superb.

For both die-hard fans and newbies to this series, The X-Files: Cold Cases is an entertaining four hours of drama and intrigue.

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