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statue, book, readingWelcome to my blog! Curious about the name? Read this post to find out why I opted for the ungrammatical moniker. As you’ll see, my love of books and writing started at a very young age.

I studied linguistics as an undergrad at Georgetown University — I have always been fascinated by words and language — and received an MBA with a concentration in marketing from Temple University.

Most of my career has been spent in marketing and communications, with lots of writing experience. I was an early adopter of social media, and my interest in it as an engagement tool and community builder has continued to grow.

I left my job in university marketing in 2013 to switch gears. My focus is now on freelance writing — for companies and brands, as a brand ambassador and content strategist — but also for myself, as a creative person looking for new challenges.

My writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, BlogHer, Erma Bombeck Writers Workshop, Better After Fifty, Midlife Boulevard, Travelling Classroom, and 12Most.

For me, authors are the true superstars, and I am passionate about reviewing exceptional books on my blog. I welcome requestBooks is Wonderfuls from publishers.

My approach to book reviews:

I’m the type of person who hates to read most book and movie reviews. Why? Because I don’t want to know the plot; not really. I don’t want to read the best lines. I don’t want the subtleties explained to me. I want to be surprised.

To that end, I do not write a synopsis of a book. Instead, I strive to give my readers the essence. The way the book made me feel. What moved me. How I related this book to events in my own life.

I started Books is Wonderful as a way to keep my creative writing skills honed, and hoped that someday it would springboard into the novel that I have always dreamed of writing. This image above is the construction paper on which I crayoned my first original piece.

In November 2014 I participated in NaNoWriMo, and successfully completed 50,000 words of my novel. I am happy to report that the second draft is done, yay! And is now in the hands of an editor. I am thrilled that this lifelong dream of mine has come true. I hope that sometime this year I can say that I am a published novelist.

In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my husband and family. I love to cook and bake and sometimes I share recipes on this blog. Other passions are books (of course), the beach, movies, Broadway, and NCAA basketball. I am blessed to have wonderful friends both near and far, old and new, and for that I am very grateful. I have the best children in the world and am so proud of them. No grandchildren yet but our dogs and cat provide the pitter patter of little feet for now.

I am so happy you are here for a visit, and I hope you will come back again soon. I love engaging with my readers and try to respond to every comment on the blog. Books is Wonderful is a peaceful, positive space for sharing part of me with you. As such, hateful or hurtful comments will not be acknowledged or published.

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9 Thoughts on “Helene Cohen Bludman

  1. Hi, Helene! Love the picture…and just to let you know, I tried the link to the explanatory post (’cause I really want to know!), and it’s broken… 🙁

  2. Kim Taylor on August 5, 2013 at 11:50 pm said:

    This is a wonderful site! I will visit again. And again. Thank you for your refreshing angle on things and engaging voice — KT

  3. I really like your new header–and your goal of writing a novel.
    Best of luck with all of it; proud to be your friend.

  4. I love your writing, dogs, images, and book suggestions. I am so glad to have found you!

  5. I can’t believe that in all the time I’ve known you I never read your ABOUT page! I learned some more about you and loved what I learned! Wow, Helene. Pretty awesome stuff.

    I look forward to you signing my copy of your book. Can’t wait to read and review it!! Love you, girlfriend.

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